Complexity, History, Market Power

Teaching is about Inspiring

My teaching experience includes several different modes of instruction, be it in-person, hybrid, or fully online. While all of these styles provide different challenges for the learning experience, they are also differently suited for an effective and sustainable form of knowledge transfer and knowledge building. Blended learning in form of short videos or introductory readings allows the students to gain background information on topics which will be dealt with in-depth in the classroom. Group exercises, discussions, and short writing assignments help the students to reflect on learned material and to strengthen their understanding of the topic.

The creative challenge of creating coursework in a field of my research provides an excellent opportunity for me to sharpen my profile as an instructor and researcher. The cooperation with the Martha Bradley Evans Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Utah allows me to constantly (re)evaluate my teaching skills, guaranteeing a high-level quality of education for my current and future students. I aim to provide students with a wide range of skills and methods they develop and sharpen throughout the semester, benefiting from them in their future as informed and involved students, professionals, and citizens.

Market Power and Antitrust

For the first half of the class we covered the traditional competition models like Hotelling, Cournot, and Stackelberg. We continued to talk about competition and alternative ways to model it.

In the second half of the class we covered different theories of a firm and the nature of antitrust in the United States.

American Industrialization/ Economic Development

We covered several topics, reaching from Institutions, Geography, over the Civil War, Energy, Transportation, and Technology up to Inequality, the War economy and today's economic challenges.

All topics were covered by student-led presentations in an interactive seminar.

US Economic History

This class is a general education class. Due to the civil unrest after the George Floyd incident in the summer of 2020 and the economic impact of the Covid pandemic, I adapted the pre-designed class to cover a broad range of socio-economic developments. The class continued to cover the traditional focus of industrial development in the United States.

Teaching Evaluations